Headstuff interviews our headliners Hollie McNish, Elaine Feeney and Inja

“In terms of reading or hearing poetry, it’s an amazing way to be uplifted, to see other people’s points of view, or views of life. It opens my eyes daily to pieces of the world I couldn’t possibly experience in my short life and to the minds of people I may otherwise have looked at and boxed up as thinking and feeling in a certain way. Hearing other people’s poetry has totally bashed down any ideas I had about judging people – made me realise no-one has any idea what anyone else is thinking, feeling or going through. I think that’s a great thing to be part of.”

The fine folks at Headstuff have been doing fantastic interviews with some of our top acts from the LINGO festival weekend. We highly recommend every one of these excellent, insightful interviews with Hollie McNish and Elaine Feeney (their double headline show still has a small number of tickets left here), as well as this really enjoyable chat with Inja (performing at our FREE festival club on Sat Oct 18th at 11.30pm in The Meeting House)

Headstuff are hosting our family friendly PoetryHunt, a treasure hunt with a difference, at Pearse Street Library on Saturday Oct 17th at 1pm. Booking is essential. More info here