Rafeef Ziadah

Rafeef is a Palestinian spoken word artist and human rights activist based in London. Her performances of poems like ‘We Teach Life, Sir’ and ‘Shades of Anger’ went viral online within days of their release and have been viewed over a million times and translated into multiple languages. Rafeef’s poems continue to be a rally cry for action against injustice and a potent rendition of the everyday lives of ordinary people in the Middle East, often seen only through the lens of news statistics.

We Teach Life, her second album, is a powerful collection of spoken word with original music compositions from Australian guitarist and We Teach Life producer Phil Monsour.  Rafeef received the Ontario Arts Council Grant from the Word of Mouth programme to create her debut spoken-word album Hadeel. Since releasing her first album, she has headlined prestigious performance venues across several countries with powerful readings on war, exile, gender and racism.

LIBERTY HALL – SAT OCT 22 – 4.30pm – 6.30pm
Rafeef will be performing at a special show in aid of the refugee crisis with renowned activists and artists Sarah Clancy and Sorcha Fox (Winner of LINGO’s New Work Fund). Tickets can be purchased here